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Work Song by snowyfoot3000
Work Song
Don't mind me, just listening to Hozier songs and drawing whatever I feel like
but I kinda liked how this turned out so eh I'm uploading it…
listen with me
2015 more like 20smifteen by snowyfoot3000
2015 more like 20smifteen
Started drawing
got halfway through
said "this doesn't look like me at all"
continued drawing

testing out my new laptop and kinda sorta new tablet not really but I never get to use it
please don't look at the hand
just don't

Happy new year though

Time to make new years resolutions that I'm not going to keep
Going to try and improve art-wise a lot this year since it's going to be important for *cringes* *takes a deep, steadying breath* *hisses out* college...
*curls up and sobs* 

2015 please be gentle I am a delicate creature
Eona Headshot Ref by snowyfoot3000
Eona Headshot Ref
Just a simple, base color headshot that I did to jot down some colors. Not sure if this is how they're going to stay since the colors on this computer can get strange sometimes, so I'll check it out and edit as needed. Hopefully the fullbody one won't be up before too long, but knowing me, it'll probably never get here. 
Been a while huh? How's life? Halloween good for everyone this year? Mine was pretty chill. 

Eona (c) me
Codie +Speedpaint+ by snowyfoot3000
Codie +Speedpaint+
I started this with the sole purpose of working on my realistic painting but I just got so frustrated with it that I gave up I'm sorry

Anyways this is the speedpaint on youtube:…

another rp character yay


is the ultimate Escapist
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Yo my name is Snowy, and I eat sleep and breathe DeviantArt and Tumblr. I'm 15 and a midget. I love to draw, write, eat, run, read, listen to music, play games, hang out with my cousins, watch movies and my favorite T.V. shows, and idk just chill with my broskies. My closest friends on DeviantArt are :iconsunshineleadstorain: :iconblue-panacea: :iconshadowblaze98: :iconsparklypuppy: and :iconbojangle387:.
My gallery mostly consists of OC's and writing pieces, though I do fanart of other things too.
Thanks for checking out my page, I hope you enjoy motherfucker.


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Hello there, my lovely cutie. C: <3
I hacked your account because I love you. We've been friends forever. Or at least it feels like it. You were the first person I met on dA. You and I have grown up together. One day we shall meet, and that day will kick-ass my friend. Why must you improve at a faster rate than me? QAQ I suppose I shall forgive you, because of your face. ;w; Anyhow I already kinda, sorta wrote alot on your page but I will try to write more. You are my best friend, and my most trusted advisor.
Somewhat-Human art trade!! by little-pawprincess:iconsnowyfoot3000::iconblue-panacea:Commission for Somewhat-Human by XxAmuFujibioshixX


Colored with Background
Character: colored, shaded, with background. +200 for every additional character

Boom by snowyfoot3000
Request: She's Not As Good As You by snowyfoot3000
Release by snowyfoot3000
Colored, No background
Character done in black lines and colored/shaded. +105 for every additional character

The First Healing Four by snowyfoot3000
I.D. by snowyfoot3000
Chibi form of the character. No background. Colored and shaded. +70 for every additional character

SpiderXDaisy Chibis by snowyfoot3000
iNsAnE-nEkOs +CO+ Part Two by snowyfoot3000
A lineart of a character. No background and no coloring. +50 for every additional character.

Angel Lineart by snowyfoot3000
Fax Lineart by snowyfoot3000
A simple colored sketch of a character. No background and no coloring of the actual image other than the lines. +25 points for every additional character.

Sketchy Love by snowyfoot3000
Unwanted Interest by snowyfoot3000
I was trying to find a journal I made from last summer and it dawned on me that I haven't really made any journals recently. Although, I was laughing pretty hard at the first impressions of my classes from the beginning of last year because WOW I WAS WRONG. Lemme just backtrack for a moment.

Algebra II- Malcom was not the problem it was this fucktard alex and literally everyone hates him. The teacher's still kind of a bitch, but halfway through the year we got this student teacher who, well, to put it nicely, if he was a student he would have gotten the shit beat out of him and stuffed into lockers because all he did was make strange noises and talk about his WoW campaigns and play anime music, and under any other circumstance I would have been cool with him but he was the shittiest teacher ever and everyone almost failed because of him, but luckily he left in May and my actual teacher saved us. The only fun thing to ever happen in this class was we all had a giant "snowball" fight with crumpled up paper and the student teacher got mad but it was worth it. :'D

Spanish: Was actually one of my favorite classes. I do pretty well with other languages, but I never really talked to anyone in this class. My teacher was a true bro though and whenever everyone else partnered up she let me work alone. Favorite moment in this class was when we watched a video on the run of the bulls and my teacher surprised us all by saying she actually participated one year. The whole class practically shat themselves in wonder and I found it hilarious.

History: The only thing I learned in this class was that at one point in Russia there was a beard tax. Everyday we would come in, MAYBE do a worksheet, maybe not, then play on our phones and watch movies for the rest of the time. Favorite moment was like every day. This class was the actual best, and the teacher was hilariously amazing. She would hold these "current event" sessions where everyone would pretty much talk shit about politicians and the school board people and the crazy shit going on in the world, or even talk about things that had happened in recent history, and she would explain it to us and it was the best. I feel like that should be a class because I learned more in that medium than I ever did out of a textbook.

Lunch: This happened last year but one time this kid microwaved easy mac but didn't put in the water and it set the microwave on fire or something, at least something set off the smoke alarms, and we had an impromptu picnic where everyone took their trays and ran outside and sat on the grass and ate shitty school lunches while the teachers tried to put out easy mac fire.

Gym/Health: Worst class ever. Really. All I did for 45 minutes was read or walk around in circles on a track and listen to my lockermate complain about her cousin/boyfriend. Yeah. You heard me. No. I'm not shitting you. Favorite moment is when my friend Brad hit her in the head with a tennis racket. 

English: Teacher was really easy to manipulate into letting us do nothing because we were "studying" for things. She was sweet, but *in dramatic overlord voice* it was her downfall. Also the dicks in the back of the class were super annoying sometimes. Unfortunately those dicks were also my friends. I hid with my other friends the rest of the time and drew. Favorite moment(s): When we were researching our research papers. Aka: getting people kicked out of the library, googling abortion way too many times, and ripping the bible a new one. Fun fun fun.

Flash: What the fuck was this class even. I didn't learn anything besides the teacher should not be getting paid to be a teacher. He handed us books EVERY. GODDAMN. DAY. and we went through the book lessons on our own. And we had computer crashing contests. And I pretty much snuck onto Google Drive every day and wrote instead of doing Flash things while my friends played Halo instead of doing Flash work. This class sucked. Favorite moment: Either when we made a flash game maze (omg the teacher actually taught us this one holy shiiiitttttt) or when I did my final and made a restaurant page called "Caesar's Palace" and had a beverage that was 'fatalitea'. Ehehehehe

Biology: Welcome to hell. I hated the teacher and the material, but I made a couple friends and had one hell of a wild time. Almost got detention for drawing a dick on my friends paper. And I lockpicked into a cabinet only to find it empty (meanwhile my teacher was telling my friends how trustworthy I was. Almost cried laughing afterwards). Looked at alien porn. Stared at geese and made shitty jokes. Somehow still passed with an A even though my teacher kept saying I was going to fail. Favorite moment: There's a lot of them here, but by far is when my teacher sat my friend and I down and pointed to the dick on the paper and said "I've never had this happen before" because hello, you work in a high school good sir. How has this never happened to you??? Also I'm about 100% sure that I've done this before on multiple occasions are you blind??? I think my friends and I quoted that one almost every day. Sheesh. 

Orchestra: Still the best. Concerts always have something go wrong that we laugh about later. The class is actually getting pretty big, it's strange. There were five whole cellos this year (woaHHHHH). Favorite moment: There were a lot of funny ones, but it was probably at the end of the year when we'd watch movies and eat easy mac the whole time. Radical.

Ceramics: Made some wild friends and had a lot, A LOT of fun. Also made some pretty awesome art. 

Yeah that's it, gonna write more later and watch Korra now. Adios.
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: My brother in the corner
  • Reading: Hunger Games
  • Watching: KORRA
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: tea

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