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2015 ZombieFighters Colored by snowyfoot3000
2015 ZombieFighters Colored
So apparently it's OC Day?? idk but I was looking for an excuse to finally upload this from my computer, and yeah it's only flat colors but ehhh I had it shaded for a while and I like this better???
anyways these are the updated babes but honestly they've already changed a bit in my head
mostly lolli
always lolli

when you get that OC just right :iconjustrightplz:
jk that's never

Colored version of this sketch:…
Spirit Babes by snowyfoot3000
Spirit Babes
My otp the spirit babes, I started this a while ago but didn't have the time to finish it until recently, but I figured it's nice timing for my friend's birthday ayyyyy

My one goal in life is to draw Korra so fucking buff she is my queen and deserves it 
And asami is nothing but beauty my babe

help I need the comics to come now pls

Korra and Asami (c) LoK 

~Happy birthday waifu~
The Royal Family by snowyfoot3000
The Royal Family
More human warriors! It's an addiction someone please stop me
Technically they aren't royalty but the mine as well be I mean come on look at them they're the power family
Especially since Squirrelpaw grows up to probably become leader like her papa *wipes proud tear* 

This is a warm up that got really out of hand so it's like, kinda shitty but also took five hours? I can't find a happy middle

Since I'm starting to really ground down designs for these guys, I'll let you guys know what I was thinking here:

Sandstorm (upper left):
Since Sandstorm is technically a tabby, I made her more sort of spanish looking which is what I kind of imagine the tabbies looking like (darker skin, darker hair, but a myriad of eye colors) but since she's a very light ginger tabby, she has blonde hair. It kind of makes her look really unique and I like that, I felt like Sandstorm was always kind of a looker, although that might have been because she was the only female apprentice in the first couple of books.
Anyways, Sandstorm has been and will always be a warrior first, and a queen second. Although she loves her children, I always imagined that she'd protect them by protecting the clan, and it's said many times throughout the books that she's one of Thunderclan's best hunters, probably the best until Dovewing comes along with her supersonic hearing, so even though she'd probably dress up nicer, I feel like she'd always be ready for the hunt. Also, I gave her longer, curlier hair to explain Squirrelpaw's bushy hair, which she was named for.
Honestly I have so many feelings for my angry bae like she's going to make the best elder ever I am so excited.
Also that feel when she got sad with Firebaby over not having more kids I crie

Firestar (upper right):
I have so much fun with my sad ginger son, I always want to make him look like a super gangly dork who has no idea what's going on but honestly he's literally maybe one of THREE cats in the series to be described as handsome and I struggle with that so much because when I think of him all I think of is like, some confused foreign teenager accidentally becoming a leader and I'm like "there is literally no 16 year old in existence who you could call handsome" but I tried, at least at this point in the series he's grown up and the kids are like 12 so he'd be like on the cusp of his 30's. There was really only like a year long period in between when he became a leader and when he had kids so honestly he would have been a dad at like 18 tops. And Sandstorm is his age so the same goes for her.
Basically what I'm saying is, even when their kids are 12 they still looking fine af
Also should leaders wear cloaks??? I love the idea of leaders wearing cloaks and deputies wearing like mini cloaks idk just imagine it, a bunch of badass thunderclan leaders fighting with cloaks on. 
(*is only thinking of bluestar hers would be bad the fuck ass because shE IS*)

Leafpaw (lower left):
She's a dark tabby so she's got dark hair and eyes (leafpaw y u no have green eyes like THE ENTIRE REST OF YOUR FAMILY) but she's also different from her family with the fact that she's training to be (and becomes) a medicine cat (god I fucking hate that term why can't they just be called healers or some shit like "medicine cat" stfu). So instead of gearing her up in the tighter fitting clothes and arm protections and tight, bound hair (since for the thunderclan designs, they all have tight clothes sort of like Windclan since they live in dense forests and need to move noiselessly) (BESIDES THE CLOAK) (*just really wants the cloak*) I gave her looser, more tribal healer clothing, and jewelry, along with unbounded hair and more skin showing since she doesn't need to stay warm on the hunt or protect herself in battle. Also, she a thot anyways, like girl you grow up and hook up with some slick-haired, wind-lickin', windclan warrior don't even pretend like you don't know thirst.
I hate myself for writing this much for each of them but I have FEELINGS for these sad drama pussy children. 
She looks more like her mom though with darker skin but has her father's straight hair

Squirrelpaw (lower right):
What can I say this is my main girl my homie, she's the true thot of the family and makes me proud *wipes tear*, although I know she's kinda a problematic fave but they all are, they're CATS for chists sake let me hate them and love them at the same time. Squirrelly is pale like her dad because he white af since he a kittypet (or at least got kittypet origins) and she has muted ginger hair. She's a warrior, so I gave her warrior apprentice clothing and some accessories to match the family palette, you know they got that green/gold aesthetic going on. 
Honestly I don't have much to say about Squirrelpaw she's a pretty straightforward gal.
I'm thinking of doing more lots of sketches for these sorts of human warriors posts instead of constant family portraits (which is what I /have/ been doing) so what do you think? 
If anyone reads this far

Help me
Snowyfoot Ref 2016 by snowyfoot3000
Snowyfoot Ref 2016
Two arts in one day????!!!?!??!1!?
too much

Just comparing the last thing I uploaded to this one is like 
"yeah all she can really draw are cats"
Throwing it back to the roots, figured I'd draw a reference even if I don't draw Snowy much anymore
Mostly since cats are the least stressful thing I draw


is the ultimate Escapist
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Yo my name is Snowy, and I eat sleep and breathe DeviantArt and Tumblr. I'm 15 and a midget. I love to draw, write, eat, run, read, listen to music, play games, hang out with my cousins, watch movies and my favorite T.V. shows, and idk just chill with my broskies. My closest friends on DeviantArt are :iconsunshineleadstorain: :iconblue-panacea: :iconshadowblaze98: :iconsparklypuppy: and :iconbojangle387:.
My gallery mostly consists of OC's and writing pieces, though I do fanart of other things too.
Thanks for checking out my page, I hope you enjoy motherfucker.


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Hello there, my lovely cutie. C: <3
I hacked your account because I love you. We've been friends forever. Or at least it feels like it. You were the first person I met on dA. You and I have grown up together. One day we shall meet, and that day will kick-ass my friend. Why must you improve at a faster rate than me? QAQ I suppose I shall forgive you, because of your face. ;w; Anyhow I already kinda, sorta wrote alot on your page but I will try to write more. You are my best friend, and my most trusted advisor.
Somewhat-Human art trade!! by little-pawprincess:iconsnowyfoot3000::iconblue-panacea:Commission for Somewhat-Human by XxAmuFujibioshixX


Colored with Background
Character: colored, shaded, with background. +200 for every additional character

Klink by snowyfoot3000 Red-Hair +CO+ Masita84 by snowyfoot3000 First Deviation Redo by snowyfoot3000 
Colored, No background
Eona Headshot Ref by snowyfoot3000
Pokemon Challenge: Day One +REDO+ by snowyfoot3000
Character done in black lines and colored/shaded. +105 for every additional character
Chibi form of the character. No background. Colored and shaded. +70 for every additional character

Snowy Bends by snowyfoot3000 FireXSand Chibis by snowyfoot3000 
My Greatest Masterpiece  by snowyfoot3000
Ponytail Girl Lineart by snowyfoot3000
A lineart of a character. No background and no coloring. +50 for every additional character.
Sketchy Love by snowyfoot3000
The Evolution Of Firestar by snowyfoot3000
That Awkward Stage by snowyfoot3000
A simple colored sketch of a character. No background and no coloring of the actual image other than the lines. +25 points for every additional character.
I was trying to find a journal I made from last summer and it dawned on me that I haven't really made any journals recently. Although, I was laughing pretty hard at the first impressions of my classes from the beginning of last year because WOW I WAS WRONG. Lemme just backtrack for a moment.

Algebra II- Malcom was not the problem it was this fucktard alex and literally everyone hates him. The teacher's still kind of a bitch, but halfway through the year we got this student teacher who, well, to put it nicely, if he was a student he would have gotten the shit beat out of him and stuffed into lockers because all he did was make strange noises and talk about his WoW campaigns and play anime music, and under any other circumstance I would have been cool with him but he was the shittiest teacher ever and everyone almost failed because of him, but luckily he left in May and my actual teacher saved us. The only fun thing to ever happen in this class was we all had a giant "snowball" fight with crumpled up paper and the student teacher got mad but it was worth it. :'D

Spanish: Was actually one of my favorite classes. I do pretty well with other languages, but I never really talked to anyone in this class. My teacher was a true bro though and whenever everyone else partnered up she let me work alone. Favorite moment in this class was when we watched a video on the run of the bulls and my teacher surprised us all by saying she actually participated one year. The whole class practically shat themselves in wonder and I found it hilarious.

History: The only thing I learned in this class was that at one point in Russia there was a beard tax. Everyday we would come in, MAYBE do a worksheet, maybe not, then play on our phones and watch movies for the rest of the time. Favorite moment was like every day. This class was the actual best, and the teacher was hilariously amazing. She would hold these "current event" sessions where everyone would pretty much talk shit about politicians and the school board people and the crazy shit going on in the world, or even talk about things that had happened in recent history, and she would explain it to us and it was the best. I feel like that should be a class because I learned more in that medium than I ever did out of a textbook.

Lunch: This happened last year but one time this kid microwaved easy mac but didn't put in the water and it set the microwave on fire or something, at least something set off the smoke alarms, and we had an impromptu picnic where everyone took their trays and ran outside and sat on the grass and ate shitty school lunches while the teachers tried to put out easy mac fire.

Gym/Health: Worst class ever. Really. All I did for 45 minutes was read or walk around in circles on a track and listen to my lockermate complain about her cousin/boyfriend. Yeah. You heard me. No. I'm not shitting you. Favorite moment is when my friend Brad hit her in the head with a tennis racket. 

English: Teacher was really easy to manipulate into letting us do nothing because we were "studying" for things. She was sweet, but *in dramatic overlord voice* it was her downfall. Also the dicks in the back of the class were super annoying sometimes. Unfortunately those dicks were also my friends. I hid with my other friends the rest of the time and drew. Favorite moment(s): When we were researching our research papers. Aka: getting people kicked out of the library, googling abortion way too many times, and ripping the bible a new one. Fun fun fun.

Flash: What the fuck was this class even. I didn't learn anything besides the teacher should not be getting paid to be a teacher. He handed us books EVERY. GODDAMN. DAY. and we went through the book lessons on our own. And we had computer crashing contests. And I pretty much snuck onto Google Drive every day and wrote instead of doing Flash things while my friends played Halo instead of doing Flash work. This class sucked. Favorite moment: Either when we made a flash game maze (omg the teacher actually taught us this one holy shiiiitttttt) or when I did my final and made a restaurant page called "Caesar's Palace" and had a beverage that was 'fatalitea'. Ehehehehe

Biology: Welcome to hell. I hated the teacher and the material, but I made a couple friends and had one hell of a wild time. Almost got detention for drawing a dick on my friends paper. And I lockpicked into a cabinet only to find it empty (meanwhile my teacher was telling my friends how trustworthy I was. Almost cried laughing afterwards). Looked at alien porn. Stared at geese and made shitty jokes. Somehow still passed with an A even though my teacher kept saying I was going to fail. Favorite moment: There's a lot of them here, but by far is when my teacher sat my friend and I down and pointed to the dick on the paper and said "I've never had this happen before" because hello, you work in a high school good sir. How has this never happened to you??? Also I'm about 100% sure that I've done this before on multiple occasions are you blind??? I think my friends and I quoted that one almost every day. Sheesh. 

Orchestra: Still the best. Concerts always have something go wrong that we laugh about later. The class is actually getting pretty big, it's strange. There were five whole cellos this year (woaHHHHH). Favorite moment: There were a lot of funny ones, but it was probably at the end of the year when we'd watch movies and eat easy mac the whole time. Radical.

Ceramics: Made some wild friends and had a lot, A LOT of fun. Also made some pretty awesome art. 

Yeah that's it, gonna write more later and watch Korra now. Adios.
  • Listening to: My brother in the corner
  • Reading: Hunger Games
  • Watching: KORRA
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: tea

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Hey thanks for the fav.

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No problem, and ahhhh thank you :iconblushplz: Congratulations yourself :D 

Also sidenote, do you know anywhere where I can watch Hamilton? Because I want to see it but I am poor and cannot in person //eAe// 
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There isn't a pirated version of Hamilton online that I know of (and if there was, I would be betraying the good kind faith of Lin-Manuel Miranda by directing anybody to it, considering it's, ya know, illegal...if it were literally anything else I wouldn't care), so people who can't go see it are getting by on the soundtrack.  There's only a couple of lines that are in the on-stage musical that aren't on the disc, so, script-wise, you're not missing anything by listening to it. (Thank god for the new age of hip-hoperas!)  That's not to say that it's not better to see it in person, but Miranda knows that 80% of the people who want to see it can't.

There are authorized clips on that you can watch, and, plus, guaranteed there will be a movie adaption within the next few years (the guy that directed Creed wants to get his hands on it really badly), so if you never manage to get your hands on tickets (tbh who dafuq can), you can look forward to that.  Sorry that there isn't a full version anywhere...but after its run, it'll be more accessible.  If you can wait that long. X)
snowyfoot3000 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah I'm going through the soundtrack now so I guess I'm already there XD That's cool though, I'd rather see it in person anyways so I guess I'll just wait *wipes tear* but I should probably listen to the soundtrack in order since at the moment I am both very excited and very confused, yesterday I stumbled on "Aaron Burr, sir" and started drawing something for it and now I just keep distracting myself with other suggested Hamilton songs. TTATT save me
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